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  • 6 seats
  • Autonomy : 3629 km
  • Speed : 861 km'h
  • Luggage : 1.5 m³
  • Manufacturer : BOMBARDIER AEROPACE

Bombardier Lear 40/40 XR

Launched in 2004, the Learjet 40XR is Bombardier's premium light jet. An upgraded version of the already powerful Learjet 40, at 5.4 meters long, 1.56 meters wide and 1.5 meters high, the Learjet 40XP cabin is a competitive size in the light aircraft category. There is also a baggage compartment, a wardrobe and a refreshment area inside. Combining passenger comfort and flight speed, the Learjet 40XR is perfect for short-haul flights.

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